Know Which Alcoholic Beverages Are Vegan with the BevVeg App

Have you just started on your vegan journey? Or are you a long-time vegan? Today we will cover an app that is sure to be of extreme help when selecting alcoholic beverages. We are talking about the BevVeg App.

General Introduction

The BevVeg App lists over 2 million alcoholic beverages and gives you information on which product is vegan. The app is made by the law firm BevVeg which gives international certifications for vegan products.

Detailed Info for Each Brand

When you open the app you can instantly search a product or brand and then find the exact product. Before you search you should know that any drink can be certified vegan, vegan but not certified, not vegan, or there can also be no information about the product.

Once you open the product page, you can clearly see the info. Additionally, if a product is not certified vegan, you can send an email to the company so they can get in touch with BevVeg for the vegan certification.

Alternatively, you can also comment and confirm if a product is vegan or not. This makes BevVeg more transparent and trustworthy. So, if you are vegan and want to know if the alcoholic beverages you are drinking are truly vegan, you should download BevVeg for free on the App Store or Google Play!