“Company of Heroes” RTS Game is Coming for iPad


Company of Heroes is a popular real-time strategy game and it’s coming for the iPad. The original title was released way back in 2006 for Windows PC. This is a squad-based, tactical game that still adopts the traditional RTS elements like resource gathering and base building. However, its dynamic, tense and fresh experience garnered a strong fandom quickly. It also won numerous awards, such as the Best Strategy of the Year. Finally, Company of Heroes is coming for the Apple iPad. The current pre-order is $13.99 for App Store. It should be available for download on February 13th. However, iPad users will get only the vanilla version of the games, without any expansion. Users can still download skirmish maps and extra missions at no extra cost. Sadly, there’s still no mention of the multiplayer feature.

Before installing, you should know that Company of Heroes requires 5GB of internal storage and it’s quite huge for a mobile game. Fortunately, you can choose components that you want before installing, especially if you have limited remaining storage size.

Controllable units are recruited directly by players using the usual RTS-style interface. Each unit that users control has associated recruitment time and construction costs. Infantry units and vehicles can be upgraded to gain specific abilities. Upgraded units should have more firepower and effectiveness in defeating the enemy. Some upgrades have global effects that apply to all units. Enemies can be engaged using direct fire with tanks and infantry. Mortars and other artillery units can bombard enemy units using indirect fire, but with significantly lower accuracy.

Units can seek cover by using the terrain and occupying structures. However, cover doesn’t offer effective protection against indirect fire from mortars, grenades and artillery units. Other than accuracy and range, the angle of the fire also affects the sustained damage. So, if a tank is hit at the rear, it will take more damage. Players must ensure that the tank is directed to the enemy, so its strongest armor always faces the enemy. Abandoned weapons, including mortars, machine guns, and anti-tank guns, can be captured by friendly or enemy units. The outcome of the combat is determined by tactical deployments.