How to update Instagram on pc?

Instagram on pc

Like other social networking applications, Instagram is not only limited to mobile phones as t can be operated via computers too. Instagram makes it difficult for the users to upload photos and videos which are edited via some editing software on the computer. It also makes it complicated for them to upload the photos taken by some professional camera as it is a long process. Users have to transfer all the images to their phone in order to upload them on Instagram.

With those things being said, dealing with Instagram can also be a complicated process. In today’s digital world, most Instagram users access their accounts using their mobile phones. Because of this, they may find it a hard time updating their Instagram accounts on a personal computer. 

Luckily, there are ways to help you navigate your Instagram profile using a computer. These can include:

  • Installing Instagram on PC:

Instagram can be installed on the computer these days, especially on Windows 10 as it is the most updated version of Windows which allows people to download applications and software which were limited to the mobile world only. People find it convenient to use Instagram on PC to upload videos and pictures in order to keep the Instagram account updated. Following is the complete procedure of how it can be installed in Windows 10.

  • For downloading the app first of all the Microsoft App should be opened. After opening that one must look for the Instagram application. The app will showcase different options including the icon of the Instagram app.
  • One should click the download option to continue the process. The downloading process starts as soon as one hits the download icon and once it is downloaded it is all set to use.
  • After completing the installation process the next step is to log in to the account and then the user can use Instagram easily on the computer. 

With the steps mentioned above, it’s safe to say that installing Instagram on a PC is easier and faster. As long as you have the latest version of Windows as well the Instagram, everything will run smoothly. You can get the most out of its features, including Reels, Stories, and IGTV. 

  • Handling data via computers:

Now a day’s monitors with touchscreen are introduced in markets which are making life for people less complicated. They can keep a check on their followers and can handle all the content they upload on their feed via these monitors. But people can still use all the Instagram features and manage to handle their profile in case these monitors are not available. By installing the Instagram app people can easily engage their followers by posting stuff regularly and getting services from instaboostgram for higher engagements.

Moreover, handling Instagram data via computers also means being able to view profiles privately and save pictures and videos without any hassle. Even if you’re using the desktop version of your Instagram profile, you can still enjoy the features of this social media platform. Thanks to some applications like video downloaders because you can download videos and obtain data on Instagram regardless of the device you’re using. 

  • Uploading pictures:

In order to keep a regular connection with the Instagram audience, people can upload pictures and videos directly from the Instagram app installed on the computer. This whole procedure is based on a few simple steps. For uploading a picture, one needs to open the menu option and click on the icon of the camera. It gives an option to the user to choose a picture or video directly from a computer. It allows them to select pictures from files and folders in a computer. Other than that it also allows them to create new videos from a computer’s camera. The pictures can be uploaded right after the person selects them. This keeps them in touch with all the people following them and knowing the fact that Public audience likes more involvement of users. This is how a person can stay active on Instagram even if he has no access to a mobile phone.

Just make sure to familiarize yourself with the steps for uploading images on Instagram via personal computers. That way, you can get the most out of Instagram features and services without compromising the safety of your data and other pieces of information.  

  • Using Instagram on the web browser:

Instagram can be used online via web browsers on the computer but for that, a secured Internet connection to the device is required. It works the same as the Instagram app works on smartphones. Recently, the official website has been updated which makes it very easy to upload a picture directly from the computer. A photo can be uploaded from a computer to Instagram via some easy steps or processes. First of all the user needs to search for the official website of Instagram which is  After opening the website the user will find a menu icon where he must click for more tools which will give him further options where the user can select the developer tools. The next step is to click on the device changer option which is located on the left side of the page. This will change the Instagram page in the format of an app that is basically used on phones. The device changer option makes the website operate like the Instagram app, with the option of uploading pictures and videos through the camera icon on the bottom of the page. People can choose pictures but they cannot apply any Instagram filters on their photos nor can they mention the location on the top of their pictures. But the positive thing about using Instagram on the website is that people have the option to crop images and add a caption to their photos.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels online. It has been a sought-after photo and video sharing app by over a billion active users. Luckily, Instagram can be used on various electronic devices, including personal computers. Hence, if you only have a PC, keep the information mentioned above in mind to know how you can use and update your profile using the said device.