BeautifAI is the First iOS App That Let’s You Edit & Filter Multiple Objects in 1 Photo

Photography editing apps today are a necessity if you really want to stand out on social media or make your photos look nice. But in the abundance of photo editors, there are too many generic ones which don’t offer anything special. That’s why today we will speak about BeauitfAI, a new AI-powered photo enhancer that can truly take your photos to the next level.

Basic Introduction

BeauitfAI is a unique photo enhancer and editor for iOS which enables you to identify, select, edit and add filters to multiple objects in one photo. The app uses advanced AI algorithms to give you powerful filter and editing control all from your iPhone.

Easy to Use

What we loved about BeautifAI, besides its unique feature, is the sleek and intuitive UI. Within the app, you can choose to edit an existing photo from your library or you can take a photo. From then on you are in control. The objects can be edited with simple taps and there are a variety of editing and filter options. You can easily swipe through the filters at the bottom of the app with ease and there are more than just standard filters you can find elsewhere. Check them all, you’ll be surprised.

This great variety of object filtering makes BeauitfAI equally useful for individuals and businesses. Users can use it to edit and share uniquely exquisite photos on social media, while businesses can use it for some great product photography and branding. The app is free with in-app purchases to remove ads & Premium version of the app.