RSVP’d – Send and Receive Unlimited Digital Invites


Invitations are as important as the occasion itself. Be it the wedding, engagement, birthday, or a baby shower — invites hold a special place. While physical invites are still in use in most parts of the world, many have switched to digital invitations. To help you find an app for sending and receiving digital invitations, we looked and discovered RSVP’d. Read to learn more about it. 


What is RSVP’d?

RSVP’d is a great invite app developed for the IOS platform that likes to send and receive unlimited invites to friends and family without much time or effort wasted. This is also an easy to use scheduling app that can be used as an event organizer, meeting scheduler and booking app so you can simplify your social life and never forget another event again. 


Why Do We Love It?

With RSVP’d you can send and receive unlimited invites, book and make reservations for different services, send invites through phone numbers or Twitter and Instagram usernames. Select any response options you like, put notes along with the invites you send and receive. Insert pictures into your invites directly from your phone or by capturing an image directly from your camera.

Save invites into the phone calendar easily too. With each invite you send, you can invite up to 25 people and for each created invite, you can see the responses from the invitee listed in different response groups and the notes they gave to it. RSVP’d only work if the people you are sending the invites have also installed RSVP’d and register on their phones.

Download the invite mobile app now on App Store to send and receive unlimited invites!

Official Website: RSVP’d

App Store Download Link: RSVP’d