TaskEngine – Reliable Platform for Service Providers and Clients  


Finding services in your surroundings and discovering reliable workers to help with your home service needs is never been easier nowadays with the increasing popularity of service apps. If you are annoyed when you need to find an affordable home service provider or you as a provider need help to find a job locally, let’s discuss TaskEngine, the service app that makes all of this possible.


What is TaskEngine?

TaskEngine is a service app with a clean user-friendly interface developed for IOS users to link taskers with clients that need help with their daily chores. With this revolutionary app, clients can easily book for services 24/7, choosing from a list of several tasks and taskers get the chance to search for tasks that need to be done and apply to get the job from the client. 


Why Do We Love It?

The app guarantees there won’t be any lags and it will serve the purpose for both taskers and clients to connect. As a client, you need to post the job you’re looking to be done and the app will suggest the taskers that are qualified to do that job with all the information about the tasker available like their hourly rates, experience and more. Select a tasker you find appropriate for the job and then the tasker can accept or cancel the job depending on his availability and convenience.

When the task is completed by the tasker, the payment process will be done securely online as well as offline. Look for tasks in multiple categories, get important notifications about tasks you required or accepted and view all financial information within the app.

Download the app on App Store now to find help for your daily chores or discover service jobs!

Official Website: TaskEngine

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