Black History People Game – Fun Educational Trivia about Black History Heroes 


Educational apps and games are becoming more and more popular among smartphone users. Not only for kids but also adults too. Among so many of these educational games, we looked and discovered amazing fast-paced and fun educational trivia to build awareness about all the greatest black history heroes. Play, learn and have fun with this inspirational game.


What is Black History People Game?

Black History People Game is a fun fast-paced educational trivia game developed on the IOS platform, specially designed to help you recall the greatest black history people of all time. Easy to play, this trivia is can be educational, offering you an inspiring collection of black history people, famous or unsung. Suitable for all ages, the game does not require any previous knowledge.


Why Do We Love It?

To play and score points in this fast-paced keyboard busting trivia, you need to touch the letters on your keyboard. It’s made simple, no shifting of the upper and lower case required and no backspace either. In each session of the game, you have 3 lives.

With 30 engaging levels offered, the game will make the names float down your screen. Discover new names of black history people as you play and even let your kids play so they can learn more about the greatest black history heroes. With harmonic hip hop music that can be turned on or off and enjoyable casual fun gameplay, the game is building awareness. All you need to do is to touch, spell and score.

Download the game now on App Store to play and recall the greatest black history people of all time!

Official Website: Black History People Game

App Store Download Link: Black History People Game