Some Facts About Heat Recovery And The Machines Used For It

All the industries that use heat for the manufacturing of their products need to pay a fortune as their energy bills, the latest recession in the market has forced hundreds of industries look for the ways to save on the cost one has to pay for manufacturing its products.

Exodraft is a Denmark based company that has been catering the heating needs of more than 39 countries from all over the world. The company started its business son small scale and catered the heating or energy recovery needs of only private customers but gradually it expanded its business according to its expertise and today it is not only satisfying the needs of its private customers but is selling its products and services to other countries as well.


UP TO 95% OF ENERGY Is Recyclable

With use of heat exchangers manufactured by Exodrafts , more than  90% of heat that is lost  when the heat exchange system is not installed can be easily recovered with the heat exchangers. The heat  energy that is lost in form of flue gas in routine amounts to 10% to 15%, and this loss can be easily minimized by using heat exchangers.

Once you get the plate heat exchangers installed in your industry you will notice an sudden unbelievable cut down in your energy bills and the money that you spend on installing the heat exchangers is recovered in a very short period of time. One major factor is the reduction in emission of carbon dioxide and your company is declared eco-friendly and gets a green report.

Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Exodraft is a Danish company that has come up with a number of heat recovery solutions for domestic and commercial use. It has manufactured plate heat exchangers that play a significant role in energy conservation that results in considerable change in the energy bills that a company has to pay. The products manufactured by Exodraft help manage the excess flue gas and heat in steam by recycling it and transforming it to either hot water or electricity. Exodraft has products that have the ability to move the heat from one product to the other so that it could be preheated and you can save the fuel that you burn in heating systems. The machines manufactured by Exodraft can re-fit the waste heat in the original heating process or change it into water to be used for bathing , heating or cleaning purposes. It is always a wise decision to make the best use of the sources and if the extra energy that you conserve is of no use for your industry you can transfer it to a third party like the heating network of the municipal district.

According to the surveys done about the heat recovery machines that have become immensely popular over the years plattvärmeväxlare are among the top products that are widely used by private and industrial customers alike. Exodraft has done a marvelous job by catering not only the local needs but the international needs without any delay.