Galaxy Z-Flip Feature Overview

It’s easy to get blown away by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with its innovative form factor. It has worth a lofty price tag of $1,380 and an impressive flexible design. Samsung claims that the phone is highly durable, it will reach the breaking point after you fold and unfold 200,000 times. Compared to the original Galaxy Fold with its plasticky feel, the Galaxy Z Flip gives us a sturdier feel. The first time you open the packaging, you will get various warnings. Samsung cautions you against pressing the display too hard and when you fold the phone, you need to make sure that there’s no small object on the display that can damage the screen when it snaps shut. Also, the Galaxy Z Flip isn’t dust or water-resistant. The phone still provides some functionality when you fold the phone. You can still receive and make calls. It’s possible to take selfies using the smaller 1.1-inch external screen as a viewfinder.

The main display is a Dynamic AMOLED 6.7-inch screen with 2636 x 1080 resolution and HDR 10+. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, 8GB of RAM and Adreno 640 GPU, the Galaxy Z Flip should be able to handle any app and game out there. The 256GB internal storage allows you to install plenty of apps, so no microSD slot is provided. There’s a two-lens camera on the back with a 12MP wide lens and 12MP ultra-wide lens. Its 3300mAh battery is non-removable, but you will get a 15W fast-charging feature.

One big concern for many potential users would be the lack of 5G data connectivity, unlike Samsung’s current flagship models, the Galaxy S20 family. The phone also lacks a microSD slot. So, although the 256GB internal storage is more than enough for an average user, it may not be enough if you regularly watch high definition movies and record 4k videos. Internally, the phone is equal to last year’s flagship, but it is still powerful enough for this year. Another drawback is that the phone still has a mono speaker, which affects experience when watching movies or playing games. This problem is further compounded by the lack of support for standard headphone jack, which sadly starts to become an industry norm. You can unlock the phone using facial recognition and fingerprint sensor. In the United States, the phone is available in two color options, mirror purple, and mirror black. Overall, the Galaxy Z Flip isn’t a perfect phone, but it’s certainly impressive visually with the foldable form factor.