Types Of Plate Heat Exchangers

The plate heat exchanger or (Plattenwarmeubertrager) is a machine that is used in most of the industries where air conditioning or refrigeration is involved. The plate heat exchangers are the machines that are used by different industries to transfer the heat from one or more fluids to others with the help of stainless steel plates. These plate heat exchangers (Plattenwarmeubertrager) are more beneficial than the conventional ones and are preferred by most of the people in the business as they have much more surface area that comes into contact with the fluids as compared to the conventional ones. The smooth and easy running of these plate heat exchangers make them the best choice for most of the businesses where heating and cooling devices are required.

There are several different types of plate heat exchangers and the following is a brief introduction to one of the plate heat exchangers that is commonly used by the people of industry.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Brazed plattenwärmeübertrager are a unique combination of various plates made of stainless steel, these plates are commonly used in refrigeration and many other industrial organizations. The material used fo r production of these plates is so superior in quality that the finished product is very sturdy and durable and lasts a lifetime. One reason for the popularity of brazed plate heat exchanger is their non-reactive nature towards different chemicals and the brazed plates do not react to chlorination and are never effected with corrosion. All the special features that brazed plate heat exchangers offer make them the favorite choice for most of the industries that need them. The applications for which the industry needs the brazed plate heat exchangers may include hydraulics, swimming pools, heating systems and cooling systems and condensers. According to the surveys done by the experts the brazed plates heat exchangers are creating new world of success.

A number of contractors who are in need of heat exchangers readily choose the brazed plate heat exchangers according to their own requirements of design, shape and size of the machine. The advancement in the plumbing industry over the past few years has produced a variety of compatible devices. The technology that is used in the making of these brazed plates has made them the most reliable heat exchanging source as the plates are put together in such a way that it makes a suitable matrix that ensures the most uneven and trusted exchangers to transfer the needed heat. These plates are made in a variety of materials that include the best quality nickel and copper.

If you have a look at the cost of installation of the brazed plate heat exchangers you will notice that the installation and the maintenance of brazed plate heat exchangers is not as costly as that of other heat exchangers. For mounting and installation of the brazed plate heat exchangers a variety of bolts are put to use that provide strong and properly sealed construction that leads to leak proof machinery.

The market of today is full of suppliers who offer a variety of brazed plates heat exchangers and other types of heat exchangers too and the buyer has a huge variety to choose from.