Use Waste Heat Recovery Systems for Fuel-Fired Furnaces

If you happen to look around you and observe the difference between the world of yester years and that of today you will notice a huge change, people of today have become more aware about the green living in an effort to reduce the pollution in our environment. The same implies to the industries of today that are ready to adapt all the ways that could conserve energy and save them the costs that they have to pay in shape of energy bills. There are a number of industries that use fuel-fired heating equipment and a very large amount of the supplied heat gets wasted in form of flue gases or exhaust.

If we specially talk about the furnaces installed in different industries both fuel and air are combined and burned in order to produce heat , some of this is shifted to the heating equipment and the products that are to be heated by it. When the heating of the products ends the used up or waste gases are cleared from the furnace through a special flue. At this point of time these waste gases still have a lot of heat or thermal energy that can be used for other purposes.

In the industries where huge furnaces are installed for production of goods the exhaustion of flue gases is considered to be a great loss because by extracting heat from flue one can save a lot of money and make the machines work more efficiently. That is why the businesses that are aware of energy crisis prevailing in the whole world have been making a lot of efforts to get the wasted heat recovery system installed at their business facilities so that they could recycle the wasted energy and use it again to reduce the energy bills that your company bears.

The wastage of heat or the loss of exhaust gases largely depends upon the temperature of the flue gases as well as its mass flow. The excessive air can be calculated by simply measuring the percentage of oxygen present in flue gases.

Preheating of the load

If the waste gases that leave the high temperature part of the process come into contact with comparatively cool incoming material that needs heating the heat energy from the wasted heat gets transferred to the material and preheats it reducing the consumption of energy and consequently lowering down the energy bills, but all this is possible when you have waste heat recovery systems installed directly in their chimneys or flues.


Benefits of installing waste heat recovery system include:

  • Improved efficiency of the heating system and the consumption of energy can be easily reduced to 5- 30%.
  • The lower is the temperature of gases in the Chimney ,the lesser heat gets wasted.
  • With the help of waste heat recovery system the flame temperature of furnaces can be increased saving a lot on energy bills.
  • when wasted heat recovery systems are operating and are efficiently extracting heat from wasted gasses the productivity of the industry increases many-folds.