Shadowgun War Games is Released for Android and iOS

Shadowgun War Games is a new multiplayer, team-based mobile game with 5 vs 5 player competition. For people who love playing Overwatch and are familiar with touch controls, then this game should be suitable for them. At the moment, this game is still being actively developed. Overall, the game doesn’t stray too far from the original FPS gameplay. There are characters that you can choose with different loadouts. Gunfights dominate the gameplay and you need to immediately kill opponents as soon as you see them. The game feels more refreshing, because of its Overwatch-like style, not the usual PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile clones. Its two available games modes, capture the flag and team death match are pretty standard fare. There are characters that you can choose in the game:

  • Slade: Slade is the regular foot soldier and jack of all trades in the game. He has moderate firepower, speed and armor with the ability to throw grenade. Slade is the generic character for beginners, before learning how to play more specialized characters.
  • Revenant: Revenant is the tank character of the game. His speed and firepower is rather mediocre, but it takes a while to bring him down, even with Willow’s sniper rifle and Jet’s shotgun at point blank range. The role of Revenant is to absorb damage in the frontline position.
  • Jet: Jet is the fastest character in the game and a very aggressive too. He wields a shotgun, that’s deadly for close range battles. Jet has the ability to sneak away by being invisible. Another ability is leaping quickly forward to close the gap and unleash the massive firepower of the shotgun. One downside is that Jet has lighter armor and he could go down rather quickly.
  • Willow: Willow is the primary ranged fighter with sniper rifle. Players need to precisely aim the rifle. To compensate for the low rate of fire, each shot causes immense damage. She can also deploy a mine at certain spots as part of her ambush strategy. She’s rather vulnerable though and can die quickly when under sustained fire.
  • Sara: Sara is a support character who could create protective shield and heal team members. Her speed and weapon selections are fairly run of the mill. She lacks any potent offensive abilities, so this character is a bit challenging to play. Even so, she could stay behind front-line characters to keep them alive longer.