Is Samsung Galaxy Note Lineup Still Relevant in 2020?      

samsung galaxy note

These days, major smartphone makers need to make their latest flagships a bit obsolete within six months, by releasing better models. For Samsung, it’s by launching a new Note model after its Galaxy S model. However, with the increasingly capable Galaxy S models, the main thing that separates them from the Note series is just the integrated S-Pen. The Galaxy Note models are considered as capable note-taking devices with their amazing stylus. They have become a success story.  Early Galaxy Note models made the phablet concept popular. Phablets were smartphones with extra-large display size. But these days, regular-sized phones already have similarly large displays. Flagships smartphones in 2020 are pushing the envelope with remarkable capabilities and specifications. This is of course for our continued Entertainment with smartphones, It’s a bit too early to say that the Galaxy Note family is getting close to their demise, but we could already start to question their relevance.

It is getting harder for Samsung to make the next Galaxy Note to really shine. With the insane camera specs, large display and 5G connectivity, the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra will render the next Note models more irrelevant. However, Samsung may pull off a radical new improvement for future Note models, like making them foldable. Another possibility is that the South Korean company will pursue a waterfall design for the future Note models, with a screen that wraps around its sides, the new Note could look futuristic, elegant and premium. An under-display front-facing camera is also a new feature that will work well for future devices. In short, Samsung needs something radical to differentiate these new models with the current Galaxy S20 trio. The upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 should be fairly popular with a more durable design.

One interesting rumor is that the Galaxy Fold 2 will include a built-in S Pen. If it’s true, then the last remaining trait of the Galaxy Note family will no longer be a unique thing. Regardless of the situation, it should be quite obvious for Samsung where this is going for the Galaxy Note models. But if Samsung decides to merge the Fold and Note lineups, it will be very interesting to see.