RideHub – Search and Compare Ride Services  


There are tons of ride sharing and taxi apps available for you to choose from which can make the search for the right ride service quite hard. However, we looked and we discovered a great app that can help you find a ride by searching across different apps and comparing their prices and availability in your local area. Read to learn more about RideHub.


What is RideHub?

With RideHub you can search and compare multiple ride services like ride hailing, ride sharing and taxi apps in your area. Easy to use developed for IOS users, the app offers simple clean interface with variety of options. Compare and choose ride services depending on the price, ETA and green ride options, getting a quick glance at all available ride services across several ride sharing apps with a single search.


Why Do We Love It?

With this app you can search easily with auto complete and set a pickup point. Just drag and drop the map markers in more accurate positions. The app will show you your likely planned route on the map and it will save your searches for ride services so you can use it at any time you want easily. Get the complete picture on ride services, their availability as well as their pricing in your local area.

The app currently is only supported in London but it may work elsewhere in Europe. Search across Uber, Kapten, Bolt and OLA. When you find the ride that suits you, the app will link you directly to the taxi hailing app of your choice. Travel smart at the best price, with complete comfort and fast pick up.

Download the app now on App Store to search and compare ride services in your local area!

App Store Download Link: RideHub