Camera Performance Comparison of iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

iphone 11 galaxy s20

With its 108MP sensor and powerful zoom lens, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has one of the best cameras on the market. Users can zoom in objects without losing any detail significantly. Based on various tests, we could conclude that there are some meaningful differences in terms of performance, compared to another premium device in the market, the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Here are things that you should know:

Landscape mode: When you compare them, there should be no significant difference when you take photographs in landscape mode. However, the iPhone seems to have more saturated colors and a slightly warmer tone.

Portrait mode: If you take a close up photo of people, it is likely that you will use the portrait mode and it’s the default setting for the Live Focus feature of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. When you enable the Live Focus mode, the subject will pop with a slightly blurred background. It will look like you are using a professional camera with the fast performance of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, the absence of the 2x zoom lens may contribute to the reduced details of the facial details. For this portrait orientation, the iPhone 11 Pro Max seems to win the round with a more detailed and balanced image.

Zooms: Another signature feature of the Galaxy S20 Ultra is Space Zoom. With 5x zoom, the S20 Ultra produces way more detailed photos compared to the iPhone. The difference is even more striking if you choose the 10x zoom. The difference is mindboggling and the Galaxy S20 Ultra wins this easily. If you want to take photos from a distance, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a better choice than the iPhone.

Low-light: For night photography, it appears that Samsung has significantly enhanced image quality. Even without the night mode enabled, photos look quite good, but it takes nearly 10 seconds to capture, as the sensor gathers more light. With the iPhone 11 Pro Max, you get the usually yellow-green tone. However, the iPhone seems to capture more details when there are shiny objects at night.

Samsung has raised the bar in terms of photo quality. Images look balanced when taken during the day or night. With 5x and 10x zoom, details are still acceptable. The iPhone 11 Pro Max still stands on its ground though. Its night photos seem to have white balance issues and zoomed photos don’t look as great. But, you can easily get great photos with the iPhone.