Fivegreen – Build Healthy Eating Habits

With smartphone health and fitness apps getting more and more sophisticated, there are some pretty good—and free, at that— personal options to help in breaking bad habits and to start leading healthier ones.  That’s why we wanted to introduce you to Fivegreen, the nutrition tracker for all of you that like to start eating right. Read and learn more about it.

What is Fivegreen?

Fivegreen is an advanced nutrition tracker developed for IOS users that like to beat their bad dietary habits and create healthier ones. Earn your cheat meals by eating well and working hard.  With variety of features and a user-friendly interface, the app will provide you with nutrition and personalized, real-time meal like whole food, recipe, and restaurant dish recommendations to offset dietary deficiencies.

Why Do We Love It?

The app offers quick logging tech and it’s your personal all-in-one healthy tracker that offers personalized food recommendations. Earn your cheat meals by eating right. Once you level up, you can have your cheat meal. Tell the app what you had and it will provide you with a list of whole foods to eat next and get back on the track. The app has a daily goal for you to be in the ‘’green’’ zone in five macro- and micronutrient recommended areas that make up a healthful diet.

On the premium app you will get access to wellness center for tracking water intake, sleep patterns, your mood and meditation habits. You get access to your personal daily nutritional report card as well your historical progress of tracked behaviors. Unlock the complete list of recommended whole foods to eat next and start leading a healthier diet.

Download the app now on App Store and start to build healthy eating habits!

Official Website: Fivegreen

App Store Download Link: Fivegreen