WPAP – Stunning Art Portraits for Coloring  

Quite a few puzzle coloring games have been released for smartphones in the past few years. This type of game can be quite fun to play and yet a great way for us to exercise our brain and relax after a day of stress and anxiety. To help you choose a fun and relaxing coloring book for adults, we looked and discovered WPAP and it’s offering you stunning art portraits for coloring. Read to learn more.


What is WPAP?

WPAP is an amazing coloring book designed for adults, very fun and relaxing.  Developed on the IOS platform, this unique jigsaw puzzle game uses straight lines and sharp, vibrant, contrasting fills, only head to shoulders. With WPAP you will be able to create amazing artwork by coloring by number, choose a relaxing music to accompany you while creating stunning pieces of artwork.


Why Do We Love It?

On WPAP, the illustrations available for coloring are all made from straight and sharp lines, vibrant and contrasting fills, only head to shoulders. You will be able to color any image just by dragging the colorful polygon one by one to the right place by the specific numbers. Choose between a variety of images available for coloring such as animals, faces of celebrities and more.

More you color, more new illustrations you can unlock. You can set the app to show you hints as well numbers if you need help in coloring some parts of the puzzle. Color the images and easily save your artworks on your phone. Also, you can choose to share your artwork with others.

Download the app now on App Store to color and create stunning artworks!

App Store Download Link: WPAP