Build Healthy Eating Habits the Right Way with the New Fivegreen App

With health, wellness, and fitness apps getting progressively more sophisticated and niche, there has been a few clear missing pieces so far. First, some of these apps only do one thing (how many apps are there just for timing your fast alone!?). Dieting and nutrition is a complex behavior and many of the current niche solutions miss the mark by not giving you the full picture. Second, many of these apps do not take you through the whole dieting journey: they tell you which nutrients you’re not getting enough of, but don’t tell you how to fix the problem. Lastly, and most importantly, few, if any, nutrition-tracking apps are built around people’s behavioral psychology in dieting. There are apps for fad diets. There are apps that preach the cold-turkey approach. How often have these approaches helped sustain long-term weight loss and overall wellbeing? The platform we will talk about today is built around promoting joy in dieting, which means that you can still have some of the foods other platforms will tell you to never have — but we’ll just make you work for them and earn them — by eating healthily first. Introducing Fivegreen, the app meant to tackle each of these problems head on.


What is Fivegreen?

Fivegreen is an all-in-one health & nutrition tracker developed for both iOS & Android that helps people from all walks of life — from those who need to lose weight to those who want to maintain their weight — beat bad dietary habits by replacing them with better (read: healthier) ones. The app gamifies your diet by allowing you to earn your cheat meals after, and only after, you eat healthily.

Offering a variety of features not found in other nutrition trackers and a clean, user-friendly interface, the app tracks what you’ve eaten, tells you which nutrients your diet is low in, and gives you food recommendations for what to eat next for a balanced, healthy diet.


Why We Love It

The app solves a few key problems we’ve never seen in ONE platform before:

  1. Quick logging tech. Enter your meal once and and, if you ever have it again, it’ll only take a tap to log. Find all of your logged meals in your recipe diary.
  2. We’ve never seen an app that’ll personalize whole foods recommendations the way this app does. In real time, I can see when an apple is better for me than a banana, all based on my diet and the foods’ unique nutrient makeup.
  3. Nutrition is complex — how I feel, how much water I’ve drunk, how much sleep I’ve gotten — are all entangled in the web of our health. You can track all of these behaviors on Fivegreen.

Finally, the coolest feature of this app: its gamification model. There are two parts here:

  1. Getting to fivegreen! Your daily goal is to be in the “green” zone along five macro- and micronutrient dietary recommendations. Simple visual for a complicated system — and an easy way to understand your diet quality.
  2. Earning your cheat meal. This unique concept really works — choosing to eat healthily so that we could reward ourselves actually made eating healthier easier. It becomes harder and harder to earn your cheat meals as your progress through the program, but this has been the beauty of the system. As you progress, you end up reducing your cravings.

If you are looking for a fun, effective way to start breaking bad dietary habits and building better ones, download the app on the App Store or Google Play today.

Developer:   Fivegreen Labs, Inc.

Official Website: Fivegreen

App Store Download Link: Fivegreen

Google Play Download Link: Fivegreen