Living Alone, Then Get Daily Check-ins With DooriGo

There’s an estimate of 35 million people living alone in the US today. That’s about 28% of the population and year by year this increases. There’s a number of different reasons people live alone but everyone needs a bit of company every now and again. Someone to check-in on you, regardless of your age. Check-in for a chat, a quick game on the PS4 or just a quick hello. The DooriGo app is perfect to keep an eye on friends or family who live alone and worried that no one would be alerted if the unexpected happens.

DooriGo gives the user peace of mind with daily Check-ins on their phone from contacts that they have assigned. Users can set to receive a daily text in a certain time period. If you don’t reply to the text in the time set then the app will notify your contact via email and then they can check on you personally. If it’s an emergency, your contact will also be sent to the last GPS location of your phone. DooriGo also stores encrypted messages that only your contacts will be able to see if the worst-case scenario happens. You will be able to add just about anything personal you want your contacts to see. Multiple contacts that you choose will be able to get your alerts and view your encrypted messages.

DooriGo is suitable for people of all ages but it is perfect for elderly people who are generally at home and need checking up on daily or even every few hours. The app makes it less intrusive to elders who don’t like being a burden to anyone. You will be able to check on them without them thinking that you’re going out your way to do so.

You can try DooriGo for 15 days free. After the trial period, the price is only $1.99 per month or $19.99 for the year. That’s a small price to pay for effectively caring for your loved ones. The app is available on App Store and Google Play Store and is free to download.