Dead by Daylight Will Be Released for Android and iOS This Spring

Dead By Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight, a critically-acclaimed survival horror game will soon come to mobile devices this year. The developer, Behaviour Interactive, told us June last year that the game will be available by the end of 2019. Unfortunately, the game studio missed this deadline. The latest official announcement pushes the release window to spring 2020. Android users in certain regions can pre-register on Google Play Store and users of iPhone devices could also do the same. It is a 4 vs 1 multiplayer horror game. One killer hunts a team of four players who try to escape, On PCs and consoles, there are 15 million registered users for this game. Dead by Daylight can be seen as a success by any standard in the gaming industry. The Android and iOS version of this game is fine-tuned and optimized for the smaller display and less powerful hardware. Behaviour Interactive is currently in partnership with NetEase Games for the distribution of the game.

The spring launch of the game will be in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. The Dead by Daylight Mobile should aim to fully capture the experience of PC and console gaming fully.  One player will still take on the role of the killer villain and four protagonist players must outwit the killer to escape. Survivors need to make sacrifice to a benevolent being, called the Entity to escape the killer.

When victims are caught for the first time, they can try to escape but at a very low probability. Other survivors can try to rescue the recently caught survivor. If a survivor is caught for the second time, he/she enters the struggle phase to avoid being killed by the Entity. If the survivor is caught for the third time he/she will die instantly. Although the killer walks at a fast pace, he is still slower than survivors in many situations. As an example, the killer can’t leap over pallets and it takes a long time for him to vault through windows. The killer and survivors have the option to use up to four perks. Each player has up to three perks that must be unlocked. Perks are different between the killer and survivors. As an example, survivors have the ability to self heal or run with a burst of speed.