Invitd – Amazing Invitation Maker and Event Organizer


Digital invitations are easy to create and eco-friendly. Your smartphone is capable of creating such invites, and you don’t need to sit in front of your PC. Many free apps let you develop e-cards for various occasions but not many apps allow to send them too. That’s why we looked and found Invitd, for creating amazing invites and sending them instantly to guests. Read more about it.


What is Invitd?

Invitid is the easy to use invitation maker app for you to send out invites by text, email or even print invites at home. Developed for IOS users, this app can be used as an event organizer too for planning and organizing events with ease. The app will deliver personalized invitations that guests can view and respond to. Great for events like baby showers, birthdays, weddings, family reunions and more.


Why Do We Love It?

With Invitd as an RSVP app as well as an invitation maker app you can create invitations and guests can view and respond to them even without having this app installed. Save time and money and send invites through email, text or printed out. To organize events easily use the app to just simple create an event and start adding guests to it. Send text messages to each guest with their personalized invite and guests can RSVP with just a tap on their screen. Track open invited, RSVPs as well as the number of guests attending the event within this app.

Get notifications when guests respond to your invites. The premium version offers you to print out invites at home, remove ads, share guest lists with co-hosts and share events on social media. With the concierge plan you can get not only the premium features but also send instant even updates, plan messages and invite up to 150 guests to your events.

Download the app now on App Store to send out invites and organize events with ease!

App Store Download Link: Invitd