Save Some Time with These Speedy Apps

 Whether it’s speeding up your gaming, or increasing your productivity, these apps are guaranteed to save you time

Many of us feel like we’re constantly running out of time as there’s just too much to pack into our busy modern lives. Whilst apps can be incredibly useful, either for curing boredom, organising our lives or even finding love, they can also eat into our precious time. These apps promise to be quick and simple to use and some could even maximise your productive hours, leaving you with more time than you thought possible!

Theo Dating App

Dating apps are ten a penny nowadays, but finding a good one is tricky. Theo really speeds things up by selecting only compatible people nearby. If you’re interested in finding a truly perfect match then it’s worth investing a little time in the early stages. You’ll be encouraged to go into some depth surrounding what you’re looking for in a perfect partner, including physical attributes and interests. Once your profile is set though, the algorithms do all of the work for you.

Each profile is pre-screened so that you won’t be wasting time chatting to bots. The robust algorithm delivers only matches that meet the criteria you have already set and, thanks to your phone’s location signal, you can chat to people really close to you. If standard dating has you feeling a bit tired then Theo might provide the answer you’re looking for.

PokerStars Spin & Go Flash

Poker can be a time consuming game if you’re playing at a real life table; working out your next move can take a little thinking time. However, if you’re playing on a mobile app, the chances are you’ll want something a little faster moving. After launching their Spin & Go game to great success, PokerStars have introduced a new option for those who are keen to just get on with things – the Spin & Go Flash feature.

The Spin & Go works really simply. You select how many tournaments you’d like to play in simultaneously and then wait until two other players match your requirements. A prize pool is randomly assigned and the game begins. The Flash feature allows you to speed things up even more by starting each level with 300 chips and increasing the blind levels every minute. If you work well under pressure then this could be a good app foryou.

Office Apps That Will Save You Time

For many of us, the office is where we spend the majority of our time. Naturally then, it makes sense to speed things up if possible. This host of office apps are a great set of tools to have at your disposal. Office Lens is a clever little app that turns your phone into a scanner. Using just your camera you can create images and editable Word documents from letters, whiteboards or anything else text based. Once you’ve got your image, you can trim it down to size, edit it and send it. No more queueing at the scanner – a real time saver.

Shoeboxed helps remove the need for all those crumpled up receipts

Another great time saver is Shoeboxed – this one will work equally well for those in the office and those who are self employed. Collecting receipts is an unfortunate necessity of business life; many people quite literally have a shoebox full of them, ready to be copied for the end of the tax year. Simple as the shoebox idea is, Shoeboxed provides a much neater solution. Shoeboxed scans and extracts all the information from the receipt and organises it into tax categories for you. Not only that but it also generates expense reports. If you’re the office accountant, be careful with this one, it could end up stealing your job!

Not strictly an app for a mobile phone, but rather a downloadable extension for the Chrome browser, StayFocusd helps you to police how much time you spend procrastinating. If you find yourself skimming through Facebook or, God forbid, taking Buzzfeed quizzes whilst you should really be working then this app will be revolutionary. You simply set time limits for social media usage, after which StayFocusd won’t allow you to access the site, or if you’d rather you can completely block sites during your working hours.