The Game That Reinvented Itself – How Online Bingo is Attracting Younger Players

With online bingo attracting a younger, more technology intelligent crowd, the game that once attracted OAP’s has totally reinvented itself for a younger audience.

The online casino has had the biggest impact on casinos since the invention of it many moons ago. Bingo’s used to be a social game for pensioners to enjoy in the evenings – now people of all ages enjoy the thrill – and if you’re one of these people who likes to dabble in the realm of online casinos and slots check here to find new slot sites available for new players.

With the implementation of brand-new forms of technology, the last 10 years has seen a huge revival of the game and a move from the traditional, well-loved land-based bingo halls to a more digital, online-based game.

This rise has caused a number of big names in gambling to investing heavily in bingo sites and even smaller businesses – who’re brand new to the industry – to invest and start their own sites. But who are the new players in bingo? And what lies ahead?

Let’s take a look…

Bingo players of old and new

Back in the UK’s heyday of bingo during the 1960s, bingo was up there as one of the favorite past times of Brits. The industry flourished, and more people were in the halls playing bingo every day than were attending the big football games in the English league.

The bingo halls in the coastal towns were thriving, as Brits didn’t have access to cheap flights abroad and tourists flocked to these towns, filling up the bingo halls with their dabbers. The main bingo goers and target markets were elderly women and housewives.

Fast forward 50 years and a hell of a lot have changed. Bingo went downhill for over 30 years thanks to the increase of the number of televisions rising and people staying at home, cheap holidays abroad meaning the trade in the coastal downs drastically declined and the national lottery giving the same thrill of the bingo hall only with a bigger prize. It’s not really a surprise that bingo was seen as on its last legs in the late ’90s.

But then a saving grace came in the form of the internet. Online casinos started to become mega-popular and this branched out into online bingo sites – and this has brought bingos back to popularity.

Thanks to recent surveys, the new player is a lot younger than back in the ’60s. These surveys revealed a huge rise in the number of players in the UK aged between 24-35 – almost half the age of those who used to play.

The new player is a millennial.

Why this younger crowd is attracted to Bingo

The internet has allowed bingo to totally reinvent itself. Gone are the stale old bingo halls full of old women. Online bingo sites have grown to include sites of all themes and targeting all demographics – the speed and ease of technology have allowed the bingo software and website creators to create these so much faster than would ever have been with land-based casinos.

Technology has also allowed the humble mobile phone to become a ‘bingo hall in your pocket’ so to speak. In the age of everyone owning a multimedia powerhouse in their pocket, it’s incredibly easy for these millennials to play – they don’t even need to leave their house. They can just download an app that does everything – lets them deposit money to play with, play a few games and then withdraw that money from their account as well.

The future of online bingo – It’s bright.

There are quite a few things we can see affecting online bingo and the game of bingo in whole:

Firstly there’s Brexit. Quite a few Igaming businesses have delayed the launch of new sites and last year there was a decrease in new sites launched. Brexit will make operators close their doors in the UK or move to Malta in an attempt to overcome new restrictions that will be put in place.

A few of these restrictions will hit the industry hard – The raised taxes for the gambling industry and the ban of funding gambling accounts with credit cards being two of the biggest.

On the plus side though, innovations in technology could help bingo sites. The talk of using virtual reality to bring a really inclusive bingo experience could boost the ratings. As for real, live traditional bingo, that’s just going from strength to strength in the UK.

Contemporary bingo events have breathed a totally new breath of life into bingo and bingo halls. The sudden upswing in the demand of ‘niche’ events – such as ‘rave bingo’, a niche aimed at younger people which combines a night club atmosphere, music and dancing with the traditional game of bingo and drag bingo, which is a camp version of bingo with a stand-up comedy club atmosphere.

These events and the advancement of technology will help bingo bring both guns blazing in the next dace and further.