Show your Appreciation for Good Customer Service with Props Love – Review

People carry out their jobs daily with little to no appreciation from customers. There is that thinking that because it’s their job and they get pay for it, why should we show any gratitude? It really doesn’t take much out of your day to show s

o love to the person who offered you some excellent customer service. Props Love makes it’s even easier to give positive feedback to staff members that went that extra mile to serve you. Not even so much that extra mile but even if they gave you a smile while you interacted with them.

Props Love allows you to give feedback to the individual you dealt with rather than giving the entire company the review. The member of staff will surely appreciate the props you give them and most probably spur them on to offer the same great service to the next customer. The app lets the customer send personal notes to express their appreciation and highlight the strengths of the staff. There’s nothing negative within the app, so if you are hoping to leave bad feedback then Props Love is not for you.

Props Love allows the member of staff to easily set up their profile. You will be able to review your positive feedback to build your skills and continue being excellent. You can view and edit your profile and see your props.

“If you work at a store, restaurant or any other customer-facing industry, you can receive Props for your work. Redeem Props points to earn gift cards and continue to spread the Props love!”

Props Love can be used to build a great customer service base, where you can share your feedback and reviews as hard work.

The app is free to download and available on iOS and Google Play.