Kumbaya App – Trusted Help for Parents and Flexible Gigs for Teens


Finding job opportunities or help for your daily tasks can be easily done nowadays with the right app on your phone. If you are a parent that wants to help your teen find a job or you simply need trusted help for your day to day tasks, we have to offer you a safe and reliable marketplace that offers you all this and more. Read to learn more about Kumbaya App.


What is Kumbaya App?

Kumbaya App is designed as a safe and reliable gig marketplace for parents and their teens developed for IOS users, with a clean user-friendly interface. Using this app, parents can find help with day to day care tasks and teens can find trusted and flexible hourly gigs within their parents’ network. Parents and trusted teens can connect for care services with variety of job opportunities for teens available.


Why Do We Love It?

Parents of teens can promote their teens by inviting friends and parents they trust to see their teen’s availability for gigs with full transparency. Parents that need help can look at the martkeplace and invite teens to do care services gigs. Teens will get secure text messages with the necessary details. Create agigster profile for your teen and find tasks your teen can complete.

Sort out contacts and add relevant people to use the service and get notified when your teen is available for a gig. If you need help with your tasks, explore trusted gigsters nearby with rates, availability and service type. To arrange gig, contact gigsters and get notified when a teen accepts the task.Schedule, manage and track requests within this app. The marketplace is safe and transparent to get trusted help and find daily gigs for teens like tutoring, pet care, mommy helper and much more.

Download the app now on App Store to find trusted help for your tasks or flexible gigs for your teens!

Official Website: Kumbaya App

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