Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is Available for iOS and Android Later

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall will be launched officially soon and it is initially available for iOS devices. This should be a good enough title for people who are still hungry for more Game of Thrones content, especially after the completion of the series. Android users can get the game later on April 13. At the moment, there’s still a large audience who love to get their hands on this type of game. It is the collaboration between HBO, GAEA and Behavior Interactive. Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is a strategy RPG title, available on March for iOS devices through the App Store. In this game, you will control Night’s Watch and fight against the undead to defend Westeros.

The game should have an original storyline, so even if you have watched the TV show and read the books, you will find the game still quite compelling. Players can use magic and control well-known characters like Melisandre. Daenerys Targeryen and Jon Snow. The combat uses turn-based system on a grid map. This should make the gameplay more relaxing, because players can take their time to choose the right strategy. At the moment, pre-orders for the Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall has surpassed one million pre-orders on the App Store. The game is free to play and players will get in-game rewards, if they sign up before the launch of the game.

If there are 1.5 million pre-orders, everyone will get 10 Carved Glyphs. At 2 million pre-orders, the reward would be 90 shards of Jon Snow The Old Bear, so players can fully unlock the character. Finally, at 3 million pre-orders, everyone gets an extra of 100 shards of Jon Snow to level up the character.  Besides those above, everyone who pre-orders get a basic reward package that includes the Knight of the Vale, 10 shards of Jon Snow and 10,000 copper pennies. If you have played X-COM or Final Fantasy Tactics in the past, the Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall should be quite familiar. The story starts with mysterious disappearance of Lord Commander Brynden Rivers and players will need to uncover many more mysteries throughout the game.