Newly Updated Siri Screens Users for Coronavirus

Apple has released an update for Siri to perform quick screening to see whether users may have coronavirus. Siri will recommend users to contact the doctor to get proper diagnosis. To start the screening process, you may ask, “Hey Siri, do I have coronavirus?”. It may not be a pleasant question to ask to your phone, but Siri will screen you.  Siri will ask you about commonly known symptoms of coronavirus infection, like shortness of breath and dry cough. You may answer, Yes, No or Not Sure. If you answer No to all questions about physical symptoms, you will be asked whether you were in close contact with an individual who was found positive for coronavirus. Depending your responses, Siri will asses whether you are at higher or lower risk of being infected.  Although you have lower risk of coronavirus infection, you will learn about possible symptoms and risk factors. You can be more vigilant for possible symptoms, like shortness of breath, dry cough and fever. Siri will regularly remind you to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and avoid any close contact with people outside. Siri will warn you that although you feel perfectly healthy, it is possible that you already carry COVID-19 and spread it to others, especially to people with weaker immune system.

If you say Yes for most or all possible symptoms, Siri will ask whether symptoms are severe. If you answer Yes, Siri will automatically call the emergency services in your area. If you have the symptoms, but they are mild, you will be asked to stay at home, contact the doctor and avoid interacting with others, including family members. Siri will recommend the CDC website to get the latest updates. Google has also modified its services to respond to the current crisis. If users are looking for doctors or hospitals in the area with Google Map, you will be reminded to notify the doctor before going, if there’s a possibility that you have COVID-19. It is a good thing that Big Tech is contributing to prevent spread of COVID-19. While things are improving in China, other countries around the world are yet to see the peak of the disease.