iPhone 12 set to enter the market in September 2020

People around the world will have the chance to see the latest iPhone edition in September 2020. We thus believe it is just about the right time to analyze the specifications of the device and compare it with some of the previous editions.

Release date

Coronavirus outbreak has caused lockdowns all over the globe at the start of the year and it has significantly affected the tech industry as well. Nevertheless, tech experts at bettingtips4you.com have predicted that there shouldn’t be a postponement in terms of the dates for the big launches scheduled for the second part of the year. iPhone 12 will lead the field in this matter. 

Despite the restrictions on big gatherings and movements in countries all over the world, the general opinion is that the storm will calm down by autumn. The whole virus crisis has significantly hit China (a massive tech market) at the very beginning of the year, while it spread to Europe and the United States in March. This is why we can expect less supply than usual.

It is not hard to predict Apple’s release dates. Ever since 2011, they’ve launched new models in the autumn. The only exception came in 2016 when they released the iPhone SE in spring as a bonus to the iPhone 6 that regularly came out in September. Even though there were rumours about a similar budget handset set to be released in the spring of 2020, such a scenario is not quite likely to happen following the huge pandemic. 

Whilst we are almost certain the release date will be in September, nobody can tell when the phones are expected to be in stores. The time between the release and the actual appearance of devices in stores usually varies on several factors. The challenges for the company to get past the production difficulties will be much bigger (like never before) this year, following the ferocious pandemic that has hit the world. 

We thus can’t expect the product in stores in September. We’ll even be lucky to get the chance to buy it in local stores in October or even November. A similar scenario happened with iPhone X which was on sale not before November.

Most of Apple’s outsourced manufacturing is located in Asia andwas severely damaged by the lockdowns at the start of the year. The company’s representative, Ming-Chi Kuo announced that the products such as the iPhone SE 2, iPad Pro 2020, and the latest Macbooks would all witness delays. The situation around the virus has become significantly better in China and most Asian countries as the epicentre moved to Europe and the United States as of March. 

To sum this part up, we do believe the company will release iPhone 12 in September 2020, but we’ll have to wait an additional month or two before getting to see it in local stores.  

Differences in design

The company has not changed most of the design for three generations in a row now as iPhone 11 was more or less a copycat of its predecessor. The rear cameras on the handsets of a 2019 model for the first time had three lenses and that was pretty much it when it comes to distinctions in design compared to the earlier edition.

Many Apple admirers expect this year will finally bring notable design changes. Looking at recent history, it is hard to believe in such a scenario. There is a much greater chance the casing of the new model will be identical to the one of the iPhone 2011 generation. The edges will likely be somewhat more round, though. 


The removal of the notch could be the biggest change Apple will make on this model. With time, the notch has become a vital part of the design and it would be very interesting to see the company eliminating it from the iPhone 12.

The notch is significant for many reasons, namely as it contains Face ID (and other important) sensors. Whether the company will remove the notch depends on how deep they’ve gone with the technology. If they have found a way to embed the sensors in the screen, such a scenario is certainly not excluded. The phone would then be nothing but the screen and would clearly be much more appealing to the masses.

Cameras & screen size

iPhone 12 will allegedly have four camera lenses on the back. Such a concept perfectly fits the square housing. The flash would be placed in the centre in this case.  

Novelties are always expected when we are talking about Apple and the screen size. The company has an extremely wide array of screen sizes across its iPhone and iPad models. The range goes from 4.7in to 12.9 in. There are rumours the new iPhone 12 will be available in a 5.4in screen size, representing the blend between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone SE.

Lightning & colour options

Another important rumour is connected to the abandonment of lightning. Apple will apparently remove the proprietary Lightning port and pout USB-C in its place, just like they did on the iPad pro editions of 2018. 

The previous models (iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max) came in bountiful colour options including silver, gold, white, black, red, green, and purple. The new edition will likely follow the 11 in the basic colours (white, black, silver, gold). As for the others, we can’t guarantee because red, purple, or green, could give their place to yellow and coral (or other).

New features

The introduction of 5G has to be the biggest change. Android phone creators have already introduced 5G even before the release of the iPhone 11. This is a must for Apple if they want to stay competitive on the market.

Another significant difference is the launch of a 3D camera. The current iPhone models already use 3D cameras for facial recognition, but the one at iPhone 12 is expected to be much more powerful. 

Either way, we will have to wait for September to see all the novelties and find out the full specs list. Let’s hope Apple will pull off an unexpected (positive) surprise this time around!