Pummel A Politician – Hilarious Arcade Game


Arcade games are one of the most popular games played on smartphones. But if you are looking for a unique arcade to entertain you and make you laugh each time you play, we have the right game for you. Pummel A Politician is a hilarious arcade for all of you that like to virtually inflict pain to the politicians you dislike. Read more about it.


What is Pummel A Politician?

Pummel A Politician a fun, hilarious arcade game developed for IOS users. In this game, players get the chance to pummel their favorite/most disliked politicians. Making it personal, the game allows you to select the political party and the politicians you want to inflict virtual pain too. The free version comes with 5 democrat and 5 republican characters to pummel.


Why Do We Love It?                        

To start the game select the political party you want to pummel and then a character from the opposite party will be auto-populated in the game. Select 5 characters you want to pummel by touching them and when all 5 characters have a red circle around them, the game is populated an the heads will drop down and the game clock will start. Achieve the best score possible and score 5 points for each tap or lose 5 points if you hit the pre-populated character. Tap characters multiple times when the head is exposed to score more quickly.

For tapping the news reporters in time that are briefly appearing in the background, get 25 bonus points. Characters are loaded with sound effects for more humor. You can choose to implement 2 upgrades, the additional characters and the tournament mode that will come soon so you can compete for monthly prizes. Each round lasts one minute and each game is unique, the pattern and frequencies of the characters appearing changes.

Download the game now on App Store to pummel the politicians you dislike the most!

App Store Download Link: Pummel A Politician