TELL is a New Storytelling App Where You Can Create, Share & Listen to Stories

Kids love reading stories to them. As a parent, the great thing is not only you increase their vocabulary and imagination, but you also grow your bond with them. The problem arises when you are traveling and you are not physically able to read to them. That was the main inspiration of TELL, the new story creator & story player app for Android & iOS.

What is TELL?

TELL is a new iOS & Android storytelling app where users can record, share and play stories in one convenient app. This free app enables parents or grandparents to either read and record pre-ready stories, or tell their own. The idea is that kids listen to voices they are accustomed to.

Easy to Use with Great Social Platform

When you open TELL you can either narrate & record your own stories, or explore the story library. If you decide to narrate the pre-ready stories, the process is easy and the amazing thing is that these pre-ready books also feature visually stunning illustrations. We are talking about the all-time classics. TELL really includes some great stories like The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Alice In Wonderland, The Frog Prince, and similar fairytales.

If you decide to narrate or record a story, you can share it with your kids or with other family members so they can play it for your kids.

Additionally, you can create circles with your kids and family members, so other family members can tell stories that you can play to your kids (ex. grandmother telling a family story to your kids). In this way your family stories can be preserved for generations.

At the end of the day, TELL is a well-made story app that you can utilize to bring & preserve stories in your family, while growing the bond with your kids and family. You can try it for free on the App Store or Google Play.