The Auto-Battler Game, Teamfight Tactics, is Released for Android and iOS

Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battler game released by Riot Games, set in the very familiar League of Legends universe. Now, it arrives on mobile devices, with iOS and Android, through the respective app stores. When linked to the Riot Games account that users set up on PC, they can share inventory, experience, ranks and purchases between both platforms. With Galaxies Pass+, users can unlock extra appearance. The game mechanics of PC and Android versions are nearly identical. The difference is the type of currencies for purchasing cosmetic upgrades. Riot Games specifies minimum hardware requirements for Teamfight Tactics. For iOS, it is recommended to use iPhone 6s or newer. For Android devices, it is recommended to use Android 7 or later, at least 2GB of RAM and Open GL version 3. Previously, Teamfight Tactics were available on Android for beta testing.

Auto-battler genre is also known as auto chess. The first popular auto battler was a DOTA 2 mod. Other than Teamfight Tactics, another auto-battler game is DOTA Underlords from Valve. When playing auto battlers, players can choose characters, equip characters with items, level up characters and place characters on the battlefield. The combat is controlled by players and the last team standing is the winner. To increase the chance of winning, it is recommended to create a team with synergizing units. They should be empowered with a number of buffs. If you can get to the top 3, it should count as a win.

Buying units and managing them could go in vain, if they are not positioned properly. To obtain the best effects, your characters should be at the most optimum location and your chance of winning the game should be higher.  Each character could use up to three items and once assigned, you can’t remove these items, unless you sell the character. Items should improve basic stats, such as health and attack speed. To increase the chance of winning significantly, it is crucial to use the best items possible.