CommComm – Connect with People on the Road  


It can be really frustrating and boring when we are stuck in traffic with no one to talk to pass the time and have some fun. But what if there’s an app for that? We discovered CommComm, the social app for people that like to discover new people near them when they are stuck in traffic to connect and chat. Read to learn more about this social network for people in traffic.


What is CommComm?

CommComm is a social app developed for IOS users, for all people that like to connect with people in traffic. It’s easy to use and fun, with a user-friendly interface. Meet people stuck in traffic like you and message people to chat. Find a carpool biddy, create a digital identity for your car, see who’s around and invite people to come and meet you to never again get bored when stuck in traffic.


Why Do We Love It?

All you need to do is to create a profile to start looking for people near you every time you are in traffic.  Connect to discover users on the road nearby and browse their profiles. Connect with people of choice via messaging with up to 5 new people every day for free. Receive notifications when you’re favorited by others, discover cars nearby your location over the last 12 hours and connect with cars within 50mile radius of your hometown.

Get points from others for your kindness and put favorite people from the road in favorites and get notified when they are online. Refer the app to others to earn. Activate your Gold Membership if you want to receive notification, for unlimited messaging request, for getting a list of cars near your location through an unlimited time period and use the app worldwide without the 50-mile commute limit restrict.

Download the app now on App Store to connect with people on the road!

App Store Download Link: CommComm