Best Zombie-themed Games That You Should Play on Your Smartphone

If you are self-isolating due to the COVID-19 then you will have a lot of time on your hands. Finding something to do can be a difficult task. Zombie games might be fitting for the current circumstances. The idea of the collapse of the global society due to zombie apocalypse seems to be very intriguing for many people. If you find it interesting as well, here are a few of relevantly themed titles that you can play on your device:

  • Zombie Frontier 3: It’s an action-oriented game that requires you to kill all zombies, by moving, aiming and shooting at once. The game controls the movement of your character and you only need to aim and shoot. It is important to be precise when aiming at the living-dead because ammo is scarce. Between mission, you can upgrade your weapon to a more powerful one.
  • Dead Trigger 2: Unlike Zombie Frontier 3, the game shoots automatically and you need to move your character. You can choose how to approach the enemy and explore certain areas to discover hidden secrets. The campaign has an interesting story and feels better fleshed out. You can also choose different kinds of weapons and get ammo drops from the killed enemies. The gameplay is more enjoyable and there’s no worry of running out of ammo.
  • Last Day on Earth: Survival: It’s a good game for people who prefer a game with a slower pace. As a 3rd person RPG, you start with nothing. You need to loot stuff and craft new items. It’s a game that you need to play occasionally because moving to one area to another takes time.
  • Dawn of Zombies: Survival: It’s another fun survival game with a gritty-looking environment that feels like an actual post-apocalyptic world. You need to make a better life for yourself by scavenging any resource, cutting down trees and checking wrecks. There are many things that you can do, like upgrading vehicles or customizing shelters. Get ready to sink in plenty of hours into this game, if you want to gain the best items.
  • Zombie Gunship Survival: It’s a unique type of action-oriented game. As a gunner of AC-130 gunship, you need to provide fire support to prevent zombies from overwhelming the ground troops. As you reach higher levels, you can also upgrade your weapon to make them more powerful or fire faster.