Apple iPad Pro 11 (2020) Features at a Glance

The iPad Pro series is often considered as a near laptop-tablet hybrid because these tablets strike a proper balance between good performance and portability. The iPadOS ver. 13.4 supports the use of mouse and this makes the iPad Pro feels like a lightweight laptop. The new Apple iPad Pro 2020 is designed as a smooth and powerful device with a 120Hz display.

Design and display

Apple isn’t in a hurry to revamp the iPad design and the 2020 model looks identical with the earlier 2018 iPad Pro. Although beauty is a subjective matter, it is clear that the 2020 iPad Pro remains highly functional. The 11-inch display has a 1668 x 2388 resolution and scratch-resistant layer. The display looks gorgeous with a 120Hz refresh rate and accurate color reproduction. One significant new enhancement is a high-tech ToF camera that works LiDAR scanner to more accurately determine edges, sizes,89q2, and shapes. The LiDAR technology works for Augmented Reality apps, so users can interact with real-world objects more naturally.

Internal hardware

The new iPad Pro comes with a powerful A12Z Bionic processor that’s sufficient to run 3D mobile games flawlessly, so it’s more than enough for web browsing, office tasks and consuming multimedia content. There are multiple RAM and internal storage options. All of them have 6GB of RAM, as well as 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB of internal storage.

Camera and audio

The iPad Pro 2020 has three cameras 12Mp primary camera, 10Mp ultra-wide-angle camera and 4Mp front-facing camera. It appears that the primary camera is similar to the one from iPhone 11, while the other two cameras are obviously downgrades. The photo quality is great for a tablet with true-to-life colors and details. Just like previous iPad Pro models, the new tablet rocks quad speakers with stereo setup. They won’t crackle up and sound quality is quite impressive when you make the volume fairly loud.

Operating system

iPadOS 13.4 ensures that it’s easy and fast to switch between tasks. The dock accommodates up to 13 commonly-used apps and most recently used apps are displayed as well. If you want to open a commonly-used app, just flick the bottom edge of the display. Wireless mouse now works with the new operating system version with its animated cursor. It means that the iPad Pro 2020 could replace laptops for casual computing tasks.

Battery life

For normal usage, the iPad Pro 11 (2020) may last 9 hours or more, but it could be as low as 5 hours for intensive 3D gaming. However, with a mix of web browsing, document editing, watching YouTube and light gaming, you may easily get about 8 hours of battery life. These are made possible by a battery that operates at 28.65 Wh and with 18W rapid charging.


Overall, the iPad Pro 11 (2020) is a highly portable and sleek design with smooth performance. The base storage is big enough at 128GB and you can get up to 1TB. But as always, accessories and models with bigger internal storage are quite pricey.