Process and Edit Large 4K Videos Fast with VideoProc: Review


I own an iPhone 11 Pro Max and every time I shoot a video on it, it’s always been in 4k. This is for obvious reasons, 4k is much better quality and is perfect for when I upload to Youtube or other social media sites. But the greater quality of 4k means the file size is a lot larger than shooting in HD, this can cause issues for some people when trying to upload to different sites. Some people try to do their edits directly on the smartphone with cumbersome and overpriced apps. Even though the hardware and software of new smartphones can handle the task, editing a 4k video on your phone using a mobile app can be time-consuming and difficult. This is why I’m a strong believer in editing 4k videos on a desktop. You have a larger screen, you have more options and it’s much quicker. Not only that, but you can also get video editing software such as VideoProc for free which offers some powerful options to process videos.

VideoProc free version can be downloaded from their website and you can cut, crop, merge and do effects on your 4k or HD videos that you have recorded on your smartphone, GoPro, drone and more. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, the VideoProc software helps you do edits in an easy way.

VideoProc is filled with features and can handle videos from drones, GoPro, smartphones, tablets, DSLR, camcorder and of course your smartphone. Along with the basic features of cut, merge, rotate, adjust speed and, add effects, there are more advanced features sync playback speed with volume, remove background noise, correct lens distortion, stabilize shaky video, add watermarks and more. Lower end computers mean it’s harder to process 4k videos. However, VideoProc lowers CPU usage to make sure even the worst computers can process the edits. The software makes video processing smoother with full GPU acceleration. VideoProc fully optimizes file size and boosts processing speed without compromising quality and causing issues in the middle of editing.

My experience with VideoProc has been somewhat exhilarating. For a long while, I’ve been using iMovie to edit my videos and I thought it was alright until I started using VideoProc and I realized that the features just simply do not compare. VideoProc is also less cumbersome and much easier to use. You start editing by adding the file, choose what type of format you want it in. The format feature has even further options to make sure you get the right and best quality. Once you have finished your edits you click run so the software can put everything together.

VideoProc Free License

VideoProc supports both Windows and Mac computers. You can download VideoProc for free and get a chance to win a full version of the software. Head on over to their free video editors page, answer a simple survey and submit your email to get a chance of winning not only the full-featured software but also a month free YouTube premium.

A lifetime VideoProc license normally retails at $78 but for a limited time, you can get the software for only $42.95 with free lifetime upgrades.