Calcium A Free App to Monitor your Health During COVID-19

We are currently facing a global pandemic and every news channel and social media platform is talking about the very serious virus that seems to have grip all nations, COVID-19. It’s a virus that seems to be taking a lot of our loved ones away from us and causing us to be in a situation that we never thought would happen in a million years. Detecting and controlling the virus is paramount in the early stages. That’s, why having an app that monitors and manages your family health in this crisis, is vitally important. HealthChampion gives you the power to track you and your family’s symptoms from just about anywhere.

Calcium is a key app for those who are carers for elder or young children and gives you the ability to track their health and provide the right care. The app contains a private health journal where you can make records of symptoms or things that you have observed. It’s important to keep a track of whether or not your health is improving, so the timeline screen is great to keep an eye on this. The app also contains references to government and trustworthy sources that cover important information that keeps you and your family safe. All the health data can be kept within the app for easier access and better ways to share it. HealthChampion can easily gather your electronic health records from your doctor or hospital making life a little easier and managing your profile at your fingertips. This puts you in total control of your health, data, and decisions. End-to-end encryption security within the apps means your personal data is safe, secure, and fully private.

Calcium connects seamlessly with health devices such as smartwatches and a number of different fitness and wellbeing apps. All the data can be pulled from them to correlate a profile in one place.

The app is useful and has features targeted toward individuals with Asthma, chronic conditions, diabetes, obesity or just healthy adults who wish to track their data and improve their health even more. Making sure you and your family are healthy during the pandemic is ultimately the most important thing on anyone’s mind right now. Keep yourself and your family fit with the HealthChampion app.

You can register on the Calcium website or download the app on Google Play or AppStore.