Ulassa Makes Estimation Fun & Effective for Remote Scrum Masters & Agile Developer Teams

When it comes to estimating the complexity of tasks in agile developer teams, the planning poker technique is one of the most efficient techniques. However, the problem arises when the team works remotely (like most teams are working nowadays due to Covid19).

That’s why today we will cover a great communication tool in Ulassa for iOS & Android, which makes it easy for agile team members to vote for complexity and see results in beautiful infographics.

How to Make Use of It?

When you open the app, you have a simple tutorial which makes the app clear & concise. If you are the scrum master, you can create a planning poker and easily invite all your team members via social media & slack. After each team member accepts, they can vote and estimate together in a neat UI.

Why It’s a Great Communication Tool

Ulassa does a lot of things great. We loved how quick and constructive everything is, and of course, it is perfect to quickly and constructively reach an effort estimation that reflects the essential knowledge of the agile developer team as a whole. And since it’s based on a system that enables clear forecasts to be made and used in agile project management, all remotely, it’s one of the essential tools for agile teams nowadays.

Ongoing Free Licenses for 2 Weeks

Due to Covid19, the team of Ulassa has an ongoing promotion offering 2 weeks of free licenses for agile teams. You can sign up for the offer and start using Ulassa completely free for 2 weeks here. The goal is to keep social distancing and help your teamwork safely & productively.

Ulassa is a great tool and one of the best planning poker apps on both Google Play & App Store. You can try it for free and make use of this consensus-oriented effort estimation technique in a fun and simple way.