Medicine Reminder – Get Reminders to Take Your Medicine on Time


Taking medication is occasionally frustrating, but ultimately necessary. Thankfully, smartphones can make the experience a little easier. There are a variety of medication reminder apps out there. They remind you to take your pills at the allotted time. To help you, we looked and we discovered a great app for that purpose. Read more about Medicine Reminder.


What is Medicine Reminder?

Medicine Reminder is a practical medicine reminder app developed for IOS users, especially designed to remind you to take your pills on time and track how many pills or doses are left the pill’s bottle. The app is super easy to use and gives you push notifications on your phone. With the help of this app you won’t need to worry again if you forgot to take your medicine or the dose of medicine you need to take.


Why Do We Love It?

Variety of convenient features are available to use on the app. Just select the type of medicine you want to get reminders for, the dose amount and set alarms for different dosage times. The app gives you options for a pill, syrup, injection or an inhaler and you can easily select the medicine type. Add new medicine or set reminders and you can even add pictures of the medication or the container. The app tracks your pills by your actions so you can tap to mark them as taken or skip and the app will calculate the remaining pills or doses you have.

Enter the total amount of doses in the container as well as the time you should take it. Each time you need to take a medicine you will get notified by the app instantly. Notifications come with the relevant information for each pill in your notification bar. Never again mix or forget the medicine you, your family or your pets need to take on time.

Download the app now on App Store to get reminders to take your medicine on time!

Official Website: Medicine Reminder