Muslim Plus – A Muslim Guide for Prayer Times


Apps are growing across many sectors we can get apps related to all sectors. Every person from any region has their own apps. Whether it is to look up the time of prayer, or the direction to pray in you can get a unique app for that. Muslim consumers also use a unique set of apps daily. That’s why we are offering you a Muslim guide that offers all the features you need in one place. Read more about it.


What is Muslim Plus?

Muslim Plus is a Muslim guide for prayer times that is developed for IOS users. It guide you to pray at the right times, listening to a large collection of dhikr and verses of the Quran and much more. This comprehensive Islamic app with more than 50 reciters is characterized by a wonderful and melodic voice and a pure copy, without the need to connect to the Internet, works even if the device is locked.


Why Do We Love it?

The prayer times are very accurate without the need for any additional settings. It also contains audio translations and recitations along with the qibla locator and other features. You are offered a local call for prayer times. The app offers built-in feature such as a compass and location so you can find your Qibla direction. Choose among 50 available readers and access the Quran at any time, even offline by downloading the content to your phone.

You get a Hijri calendar and the option to discover nearby mosques as well as a live broadcast of the Great Mosque of Mecca. It’s simple and flexible to navigate with a modern interface and you don’t need to download separate applications. Choose from variety of readings, teachings and prayers and use the app to become a better Muslim getting all the features you need within one app. The app also offers in-app purchases for even more incredible practical and helpful features.

Download the app now on App Store to have a personal Muslim guide for prayer times!

App Store Download Link: Muslim Plus