Open World Games That You Should Play on Your Phone

Getting immersed in a massive digital world is a very exciting thing to do. Today, it’s not only available on PC or gaming console, but also on your smartphone. Here are open world games that you should try on your smartphone.

  • Nimian Legends: BrightRidge ($3.99): The game offers a beautiful world known for its variety and richness. You can explore all the nooks and crannies by wandering around freely. It has a good storyline and the game pits you against challenging enemies. Nimian Legends offers you gameplay that match your requirements.
  • MadOut2: BigCityOnline (Free): It’s a mix between Need For Speed and Grand Theft Auto. You can turn your Lada into a monster racing car. You can drive around to race or fight. It’s your decision how to play the game. In a gaming session, you can play with up to 100 players. MadOut2 is very entertaining and it’s fun to play.
  • Off The Road (Free): Off The Road is another open world car-oriented game, but it takes driving to another level. Just like Grand Theft Auto, you can control any vehicle from cars to trains, to boats to helicopter. Every vehicle offers you challenges and this open world environment is an exciting playground.
  • Second Galaxy (Free): Second Galaxy is an open space exploration game with thousands of star systems to visit. You can start from a tiny spaceship to a gigantic battleship. It is quite impressive that you can play an expansive game like Second Galaxy in your hands. If you are a Sci-Fi geek, Second Galaxy could keep you entertained.
  • Tempest Pirate Action RPG (Free on Android, $7.99 on iOS): This game allows you to explore the vastness of oceans. If rockets and lasers are a bit too chaotic, this game is more bearable with the slow pace of seafaring. It’s fun to hire crews, upgrade your ship and explore the seas. You can complete missions by fighting other ships and mythical creatures.
  • Dragon Raja (Free): It’s an anime-styled MMORPG based on Unreal 4 engine. This makes the game looks quite stunning. Prepare enough space on your phone, because Dragon Raja requires 6GB of space for installation. After a long installation process, depending on your Internet speed, you can choose a class for your character and do other customizations.
  • Morphite (Free on Android, $7.99 on iOS): It’s an open world game with polygon-style design, which makes it suitable for less powerful smartphones. In Morphite, you get to visit various alien worlds to fight creatures and gather resources. Despite its visual appearance, the game feels immersive and you can control various vehicles.
  • Goat Simulator (Free): Goat Simulator is well known for its sheer absurdity. It’s a fun, less serious open world game that’s suitable if you want something less demanding and more hilarious. It’s enjoyable to head butt at different objects and cause mayhem to the surrounding areas.

It would be interesting to see how open world games would be like in a few years in the future. With a decent budget smartphone, it is now possible to play different kinds of interesting games.