SOAR! – Roll, Surf, and Fly into the Sky


For all players that enjoy playing arcade games on their smartphone, there are hundreds of games available for your smartphone. These games are quite easy and fun to play and yet at the same time will push you to react fast to win your high scores. To help with the search, we looked and found SOAR! the fun and addictive arcade game you need to try. Read and learn more about it.


What is SOAR!?

SOAR! is an exciting and very addictive arcade game that is developed for IOS users with beautiful graphics and cool sound effects. This game will put your skills on the test while taking you the endlessly fun and yet challenging adventure. Roll, surf, and fly into the sky to try to reach the stars and moon and get the highest scores you can in this arcade adventure.


Why Do We Love It?

This game offers variety of features and an endlessly fun gameplay that will get you hooked to playing on your first try. Your ultimate goal in SOAR! is to reach the stars and moon. To do that you need to roll, surf and fly over the hills, tapping on the screen to dive and land smoothly to gain the speed.

The controls are simple, touch to roll, release to fly and press to surf. Collect coins on your way and use those coins to unlock new adorable characters and new interesting environments. Compete in over 100+ challenges to put your skills on test and try to get the highest scores in the game to become the ultimate player of the game that has reached the stars.

Download the game now on App Store to roll, surf, and fly into the sky!

App Store Download Link: SOAR!