Creative Things You Can Do With Your Drone

Drones are a new technology that is taking over the world by storm. Especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, drones are a great way to connect with the outside world and develop new skills. If you’re looking for creative ways to use your drone, we’ve got you covered.

What Is A Drone?

According to, drones are known as unmanned aerial vehicles, or “aircrafts that can be navigated without a human pilot on board.” Drones are also used for more than just personal use and are a popular tool amongst the military and NASA, who uses drones to complete clandestine space missions.

Where Do I Buy A Drone? is an electronic retailer that has many different drone options that also provide carriers and cases. It offers popular brands for drones as well as featured items that could enhance your drone experience. A Bluetooth drone is the best way to go.


Using a drone for photography is a great way to make use of your photography skills and expand them with technology. Drones can take incredible photos of city skylines, the ocean, or even fireworks show on July 4th from a couple of feet away. Family vacations are also a perfect way to take advantage of your drone, capturing islands or mountain views. The COVID-19 lockdown can be an opportunity to practice your photography skills from your apartment while inside. Saving all of your photos is extremely important so you can view them later.

To keep all of your drone photos organized, Ibi is your go-to. This digital storage device collects your photos and videos on any of your devices, and you choose who you send them to. You can use Ibi for all of your landscape photos to post later on. This smart photo management device is used by well-known celebrities such as Eva Longoria, who uses Ibi to send photos to her stylist or to take photos of her children.

Join A Club For Drones

If you can’t find a club for drone lovers like yourself, create your own! That way, you can get your friends and family involved and teach them all of the new tricks you’ve learned. This can be a fun way to spend a beach day or any outdoor activity. Instead of flying kites with your friends, drones are the new way to go.

Drone Racing or Dancing

This is a fun idea from, which talks about Lady Gaga’s 2017 Super Bowl show that lit up drones and danced in crazy patterns to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. It doesn’t need to be a Super Bowl show, but for weddings or any other fun events, this can be a unique way to celebrate the day.

Racing is also an option to play with your friends on a weekend. Get your friends or your new members of your drone club to spend a Saturday racing each other’s drones from one house to another. You can even set up fun prizes for whoever wins. Whether it’s a gift certificate or tickets to a baseball game, club members have something to win for.

If you’re looking to buy a family member an out-of-the-box gift, a drone is a perfect gift for someone you love. From photography to joining drone clubs, and to finding fun hobbies to use them for makes this an everlasting gift for anyone that receives it. Be sure to explore all the advantages that your drone can offer, and use Ibi to store all of your fun photos you took while experiencing the great ways your drone can change your life. Have fun droning!