Choogo – Create Polls on Any Topic and Discuss Hot Topics


Want to learn if your users prefer Facebook or Instagram? If your event should serve coffee or tea? Or if people are dog or cat people? All you need is a poll and the right app for creating one. That’s why we are introducing you to Choogo, the fun comparison pool app for comparing things and creating polls on any topic that is open for discussions with other people.


What is Choogo?

Chogo is a social tool designed especially as a comparing poll app with images. Developed for IOS users, this app is very easy to use and it allows you to compare two things with images and discuss those things with other people on a chat. With this tool, you are getting all the features you need to learn more about things you are interested in as well to share your own opinions and ideas.


Why Do We Love It?

In the large and active community offered by Choogo you will be able to interact and chat with other users most simply and effortlessly. With this comparing app, you can compare anything you want and create a discussion about it. Connect with others, create popular polls and have others vote on them to learn more about the things you are interested in and see many different opinions about them.

You can also vote on polls of other users to express your own experience and opinion. Discuss interesting hot topics, connect with people and make new friends, vote and create polls on any topic with ease.

Download the app now on the App Store to compare things and discuss comparisons with others!

App Store Download Link: Choogo