Mecha – Thrilling Action Shooting Game


Since development of smartphones, action games become one of the most popular games to play. Tons of action games are available for us to play on our smartphones and because of their popularity finding the most fun and addictive one, to keep your attention and test your skills in not that easy. We discovered for you a thrilling and challenging action shooting game. Read more about Mecha.


What is Mecha?

Mecha is an addictive and thrilling action shooting game that is developed for IOS users. With sharp graphics, cool effects and sounds, this game will put your shooting skills on the test as you try to survive and destroy your enemies to get your way to freedom. You are the only Mech warrior left and every existence present will try to destroy you. React fast and shoot precisely to eliminate all.


Why Do We Love It?

This game is offering you variety of features and an exciting but yet challenging gameplay that will push you to be fast, shoot precisely and destroy the enemies on your way to get your freedom. Variety of levels and missions will put your skills on the test and you can also change worlds for a different experience. Buy upgrades and new powerful weapons to improve your Mech warrior.

You can also buy new Mechs for different paly styles. Complete each level to get a great variety of skills to choose from like increasing your armor, increasing the critical chance, increasing the health, the speed, the weapon damage and more. The controls are quite simple, just drag to move the warrior and release to fire your weapon. Get rewards for your achievements in each mission, collect coins and get gems. You can also buy gems in the game’s shop and use them to upgrade your Mech warrior.

Download the game now on App Store and try to eliminate all the enemies!

Official Website: Mecha

App Store Download Link: Mecha