Floor Bust – Super Fun Casual Game



For all players that like playing games on their smartphone, on the go, there are many of these simple and yet fun and challenging games you can try. However, among so many of these casual games, finding the most addictive and challenging one can be quite hard.  We looked and found one super fun and exciting casual game that you need to try. Read and learn more about it.


What is Floor Bust?

Floor Bust is an exciting and super fun casual game that is developed for IOS users. With great graphics and cool sounds, the game will test your skills on missions where you need to aim, stop the tank and blow up the missile. React fast and be precise to see how much floors you can burst. Have fun and get rewards for your achievements in the game.


Why Do We Love It?

This game requires from you to touch and hold anywhere on the screen to stop the tank and start to load the missile. To fire and pop up the floor, just release it. The mission you have in the game is to aim, stop the tank in the middle of the floor and blow up the missile with the similar size. It’s a hit or miss.

When you successfully hit, the missile will collide with the floor and collapse it. After a bash of 15 floors, you win a trophy worth 100s of floor points. Complete as many missions you can, to win bigger trophy rewards. Your earned floor points can be used for buying new cool tanks. Burst as many floors as possible with your favorite colorful tanks.

Download the game now on App Store to have fun on the exciting tank missions!

App Store Download Link: Floor Bust