Samsung Could Be Working On First Smartphone With Pop-Up Camera

Smartphone manufacturers use pop-up camera to achieve higher display to body ratio. However, punch-holes are a simpler implementation and it doesn’t require a mechanical system that may reduce the overall reliability. The pop-up module requires more component and it may collect dust and dirt. Fine particles could damage the mechanism and the smartphone would be more prone to water damage. It means that smartphones with pop-camera usually doesn’t have IP rating. A render has emerged recently and it may suggest that Samsung is developing a new model with pop-up camera module for selfie. Despite its drawbacks, there are some display purists who believe that the screen should be a pristine area of the phone, without a notch or punch-hole for the front-facing camera. Under-display cameras are still not widely available, so the pop-up module can be considered as an interim technology.

Punch-hole is considered as a more sensible implementation, because it doesn’t take a lot of screen real estate. Because it doesn’t have any mechanical system, it won’t get jammed by foreign objects. It is not possible to get certified for any IP rating with a pop-up mechanism included. The render was shared by two popular leakers in the industry @OnLeaks and PigTou. It is possible that the model with pop-up module will be part of mid-range Galaxy A series. Ice Universe tipped back in February that the Samsung Galaxy A90 will have a pop-up camera, but it turned out to be false. Although decision to include the pop-up camera is questionable, there could be a segment in the market who wants a Samsung phone with this feature.

PigTou provided additional details that the phone with have a 6.5-inch display with full-screen design, triple-camera arrangement on the back, IR blaster on top and fingerprint scanner. AT the bottom of the device, there are speaker grille, noise-cancelling microphone and USB-C port. Unfortunately, the phone may not include the usual 3.5mm headphone jack. The phone dimension will be 183.5 x 77 x 9.2mm. On the area with the camera module, the thickness will increase slightly to 9.7mm. Samsung hasn’t specified the release date of the device, but it could still be months away until the end of the global lockdown. There’s no confirmation whether the device will have support for 5G data connectivity.

At the moment, the Galaxy A lineup is a winning combination with mid-range hardware performance, capable cameras, affordable pricing and long battery life. The first global release was in India, in March 2019. During the first 70 days, the Galaxy A series generated more than 5 million of unit sales with $1 billion revenue for Samsung. Some models are already available through carriers in the United States.

Smartphones with pop-camera will be a rare thing. Because most are using punch-hole and it will be superseded later with under-the-display camera. The Chine phone maker, Oppo, was the first to offer such a smartphone, followed later by Xiaomi. We should hear more about the phone over the next few months, especially if the pandemic has finally passed its peak.