Toodls – Join and Host Events for Virtual and In-Person Activities


It can be really frustrating and boring in these times of social distancing with no one to talk to pass the time and have some fun and even meet new friends. But what if there’s an app for that? We looked and we found one great social app designed especially for virtual and in-person activities to connect with loved ones and meet new people. Read more about Toodls.


What is Toodls?

Toodls is a fun social app that is developed for IOS users and it can be of great use during these times of social distancing. With great design and user-friendly interface, the app is easy to use and it offers the chance to join or host events for virtual and in-personal activities and events. Connect with people and participate in activities and join events to connect with loved ones and find new friends.


Why Do We Love It?

This app is designed to protect your privacy and your personal information are shielded from the other users too, you are the only one in control of what you share with others. The app has a search capability that lets you find events depending on the category, distance from your location and keywords.

If you want to host an event you have control over it, you can manage the users that could join, choosing to host an online virtual event or organize a private event with people of choice or public event inviting all Toodls users. Host online or in-person events. Find activities and event in multiple categories and join events easily. When you find an event, just click join. You can also add guests to join specific events.

Download the app now on App Store to join or host virtual and in-person events!

Official Website: Toodls

App Store Download Link: Toodls