Adventure Games You Should Play on Your Phone

Smartphones are fully functioning mobile computers and they can handle complex adventure games with intricate storyline. For smartphone users, playing games is one of the most favourite activities. As billions of people are affected by self-isolation measures, playing games is a fun distraction. If you want to get immersed in adventure games, here are a few titles to choose:

  • GRIS ($4.99): It’s an exciting story-driven game that offers emotional journey, platforming sequences and light puzzles. GRIS is a visually attractive game with hand-painted objects. It tells the sorrowful story of a young women and the gameplay is praised by gamers and critics alike.
  • Oxenfree ($4.99): Oxenfree is fun to play if you love supernatural mystery stories. You will step into the shoes of a young girl who goes with a group of friends to a local island. It is a combined of supernatural thriller and 80’s teen drama, quite similar to Stranger Things. The comics-like visuals and synth tunes are quite entertaining as well.
  • The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature ($3.99): It’s a unique take to the popular tale of Frankenstein. This time, you play as the creature who has no notion about good and evil. Depending on your decision, the scenery in the game can be gloomy or breath-taking. The game has unique atmosphere and visuals, as well as impressive tunes.
  • Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (Free): It’s a remake of the original, released back in 1993. The storyline is based by Agatha Christie’s novel and you take the role as the protagonist. On smartphone, you need to choose the right cursor to interact with objects. Because it doesn’t have context-sensitive cursor, the gameplay can be a bit complicated and less intuitive, but that’s part of the challenge.
  • Forgotton Anne (Free): Forgotton Anne offers a charming storyline in a fictional world where objects may come to life. These lost objects that their former owners will remember them, so they could go back to the real world. The protagonist of this game is Anne, a guardian of the Forgotten Lands. Forgotton Anne is an aesthethically pleasing game with hand-drawn animated style.
  • Samorost 3 ($1.99): It’s a well-known hardcore adventure game from a studio known for various titles, including earlier Samorost episodes, Pilgrims, Botanicula and Machinarium. Samorost 3 is a good-looking game with high-definition graphics. It looks nice on both smartphones and tablets with large display.
  • LIMBO ($4.99): It’s an interesting film noir game with black and white environment. It has dark landscapes and various creatures. The good use of film grain and lighting effects produce a convincing eerie feeling. The protagonist is a boy who traverses through the haunting environment using simple movements like run, push, pull, climb and jump. It features interesting gameplay mechanics and LIMBO feels like an artwork. The storyline is a bit light, but it should quench your thirst for an enjoyable horror game.
  • The Walking Dead (Free for the first episode): It’s probably the most popular zombie apocalypse storyline based on a highly successful TV series. While the game doesn’t offer any puzzle, the quick time events are quite fun.