Galaxy Z Flip 2 May Have Bigger Front Display and Triple Camera System

Based on a latest rumor, it appears that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will have a larger front display and a triple camera system. Given the current situation related to the coronavirus outbreak, we won’t know whether the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will achieve the expected sales momentum. It is clear though, that Samsung’s new clamshell design received better responses from consumers, compared to their foldable phones. Let’s Go Digital recently spotted a patent associated with the design for Galaxy Z Flip 2. The phone may get some major upgrades and it should be more capable than the predecessor. The patent includes two designs, both have three camera system, but with different alignment. The first design looks more like the original Galaxy Z Flip, but an extra camera smaller makes the cover display to get smaller. With this design, Samsung may believe that the extra sensor is a better compromise than the size of the external display.

The second design in the patent document also has a triple camera system, but you get no compromise. The three camera sensors have vertical alignments along with a LED flash. The orientation is intended to free up space and it allows larger outer display. If Samsung really chooses this design, the front display will become the highlight. For the second design, the external display is 1.1-inch in size, but it should be adequate to display notifications. The external display also works as the viewfinder. The patent filing is not a confirmation that Samsung will choose any of the design. Moreover, the handset will be launched in February 2021, so we can’t be certain about the final design. Samsung may also launch a new Galaxy Z Flip variant with 5G data connectivity.

Samsung didn’t achieve satisfactory success with the original Galaxy Fold. After that, Samsung has rectified the mistakes and the device has been relaunched. Samsung also has other foldable phone concepts. At the UNPACKED event, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy Z Flip and it appears that Samsung is quite persistent in offering foldable phone design. It is possible that foldable design will be the “new normal” in the smartphone industry. At the moment, foldable models are still ultra-expensive, but once mass production commences, the overall cost per unit would be much lower. We will see more foldable smartphone released by Samsung and other manufacturers in 2020 and beyond. There’s even a concept for rollable smartphone.

With the foldable design, it is easy to switch from a tablet-size device to something the size of a smartphone. Foldable smartphones are much more compact and you can do a lot of things with the bigger screen real estate. We could be just a few years away before foldable design enters the entry-level market segment and when it happens, foldable smartphone will really become the new normal. The current problem isn’t only about the expensive price, but also concerns about fragility. Dust or small particles could enter the moving mechanism, potentially causing problems. When these issues are finally resolved, they won’t be a turn-off for budget users.