Apple Watch Series 6 Will Offer New Major Features

The next Apple Watch model 6 will boast some interesting major upgrades. The coronavirus pandemic has caused ripples in the supply chain and this could cause delays in Apple’s regular release schedule. For the most part, the design of Apple Watch Series 6 won’t change much, but under the hood, you will find a few substantial changes. The smartwatch will turn into a true health monitoring powerhouse. Although you need to take this with a grain of salt, we could be certain that Apple will introduce something new when releasing the next Apple Watch model. It will be powered by an Apple-designed S6 processor. The Apple Watch model 2018 had an S4 processor and last year’s model had an S5 processor. The new processor should be faster compared to its forerunner, but how much faster, it remains unknown. The S6 SoC should be more efficient than older processors and this could contribute to the longer battery life. For any smartwatch model, battery life is always a major hurdle. Regular wristwatch could last for months or years, while Apple Watch Series 5 offers only 18 hours of battery life. It means that users need to recharge their smartwatch once a day to ensure that the gadget remains operational during busy days.

Although the S6 processor may only add a couple of hours of extra battery life, it is still a worthwhile upgrade. We could be hopeful that the Apple Watch Series 6 won’t be noticeably bulkier and thicker to accommodate a bigger battery. The addition of new sensor could provide better user experience. The smartwatch could detect mental health abnormalities and it will have built-in pulse oximeter. Apple will implement a ground-breaking technology because the Apple Watch Series 6 could measure the blood oxygen level from the wrist. Just like Series 5, the new smartwatch may use the same OLED display that can adjust brightness and refresh rate automatically to improve battery life. Because Apple Watch is a smartwatch, you could install any compatible 3rd party app and could do that directly from your wrist. However, choosing a proper app could be tricky, because there’s no dedicated store for Apple Watch.

But, once you find these apps, the Apple Watch could become a pretty amazing device. Todoist is a popular app to create your to-do list and you can make a new item using your voice. Apple Watch also has watch-face widgets that could greatly enhance the overall functionality. For each face, you can choose a few widgets. As an example, you can add quick shortcuts for favorite apps. By properly managing your Apple Watch, you can stay on your tasks for the whole day, because you will know what to do next. The Apple Watch can be the only health and fitness tracker that you will ever wear. This smartwatch takes care of many things, like monitoring hours spent standing, VO2 max data, relaxation period, hourly movement, calories, and steps. When biking, swimming and running, you can track many details, including distance, calories expended, and elapsed time. You will get more valuable information the longer you wear an Apple Watch.